Bobby Jealousy Crafts the Not-So-Ordinary Love Song

From the moment I heard vocalist Sabrina Ellis singing at the top of her lungs, with heart and soul and fire and all the passion in the universe unleashed, I became smitten with local quintet Bobby Jealousy. It was like a moment where time stopped, and you actually do pause because you need to see where that voice is coming from. Presentation is a must. Timing is everything. The band wields both like weapons on the stage but in a way that lures you in and leaves you craving more of that audacity.

I’ve raved quite a bit about their brazenness, their sexiness, their ability to captivate the crowds. It’s always a great show. They’re truly gifted in the art of pouring out their hearts while simultaneously laughing in the face of love, or rather, love’s ridiculousness and utter futility. It’s an over-the-top, uninhibited embrace of rock, pop, indie, punk and all planets in between, with vocals by the charismatic Ellis alongside Seth Gibbs and Mark Stoney. And I’ve said before, tongue firmly in cheek: Nothing says “funny” like songs about the skyrocketing elated highs and wretchedly miserable lows of relationship drama. Good times! Sign me up! Why mope around about it when you can turn it into awesome music?

You’re in for a treat, music lover. Bobby Jealousy begins a residency tonight at Hotel Vegas, 1500 E. 6th St. The first night includes performances by Death Knelly and an acoustic set by Taylor Wilkins and Sara Houser of The Couch on the bill. Everything gets rolling around 10 p.m. Recommended to make your Monday night fabulous.


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