Dream Sound Manifest

Your humble Austin Music Minute maven has an appreciation not only for live music, but the actual live experience. Granted, nothing takes away from the vibe you get from turning the volume up past eleven on some massive speakers and letting a song completely engulf you, and surely most everyone appreciates awesome headphones that take your brain to another dimension with just the right track, but the live experience puts you there in the moment – the performance energy, the atmosphere, the spontaneity, the intensity. Twigs & Yarn surely provide one such example of that live magic.

The Austin-based duo, comprised of Lauren McMurray and Stephen Orsak, released their LP, The Language of Flowers, last year. Both their album and their performances are an otherworldly exploration of the different shapes, colors and emotions of sounds. Stories are told not only through lyrics, but also with found sounds, field recordings, and a few homemade instruments in an extraordinary collaboration. It sounds like the sonic materialization of dreams.

Do not miss Twigs & Yarn at their show tonight at Holy Mountain, 617 E. 7th St. The entire line-up is one not to miss: Alexa Woodward, Devon Sproule and an AMM favorite, Some Say Leland. Doors open at 9 p.m. This one comes highly recommended.

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