Heartbeat Overdrive

When Austin rock quartet Moonlight Towers was about to embark upon a tour in support of their album Day Is the New Night (2011), mixed feelings were in the air for the band, to say the least. Front man James Stevens‘ father had just passed away before the album’s release, and Stevens was facing an emotional roller coaster. It was that horrible sensation of having lost someone you love very much and knowing they were never coming back, then facing the painful prospect of moving on. Heaps of praises were coming in for Day Is the New Night, yet Stevens was simultaneously feeling his heart break.

Like any great songwriter, Stevens was fueled by all of these emotions, and he began to write new material – the very songs that you hear on Moonlight Towers’ newest release, Heartbeat Overdrive. The band lives up to their reputation for damn good rock and pop with the new album, with more infectious hooks and riffs, and even some alt.-country vibes in the mix. And despite being inspired by some intense emotions, the album is far from being weighty or sorrowful. It’s captured the live energy of the band with an unmistakable optimistic vibe.

Here’s what you need to do: Get out of work early to see Moonlight Towers at their special instore performance today at 5 p.m. at Waterloo Records, 600 N. Lamar Blvd. You’re in for a great set from a fantastic new album. Recommended.

– Photography by Cory Llewellyn & Cameron Russell of Transistor Six.

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