Lightstream: Quiet Company and Darkbird

Your Austin Music Minute maven has it on excellent authority that you need to brace for impact at the next Lightstream Backyard Concert. Love and Lightstream‘s latest music series has two Austin bands on this weekend’s bill that will remind you just how badly you’ve missed live music:

-It’s just you, me and the boatman, baby. In addition to what may be several of the band’s most-beloved fan favorites, Quiet Company will also unleash newer material and really, an undeniable energy sending jolts of WTF through your system. Ever seen front man Taylor Muse‘s explosive delivery? Dude. That will quickly go on your list of top rock ‘n’ roll moments, okay?

-Speaking of earth-shattering, mind-blowing performances that leave you reeling pleasantly in the aftermath, Darkbird brings it all with songwriter/vocalist Kelly Barnes setting stages on fire. Feast thine ears upon a personal AMM fave, I Remember Feeling My Fingers Slip, and other releases on their Bandcamp page, then stand by for their soon-to-be released debut LP this year.

The show kicks off at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 1, at The Haute Spot, 1501 New Hope Dr. in Cedar Park. Ticket info can be found at the Love and Lightstream website.

Lightstream: Quiet Company & Darkbird

AMM April 28 2021 || Quiet Company & Darkbird at Lightstream Backyard Concert series, Saturday May 1.

-Photography by CR Spectrum Media.

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