Not Your Ordinary (Music) Festival

Photo courtesy of Church of the Friendly Ghost. Rehearsals for Canopy of Sound opener for NMASS.

This is not your ordinary music festival fare. And that, most fortunately, is what makes it so refreshing.

The New Media Art and Sound Summit (NMASS), presented by local arts and music collective Church of the Friendly Ghost, celebrates creations from extraordinary minds in a variety of fields, including film, diverse musical works and conceptual pieces, many of which are interactive. Among the featured performers are Atlanta-based sound artist (featured on today’s AMM) Richard Divine; Art Pinsof‘s solo ambient psych-noise-techno exploration Daze of Heaven; artist Liz Gomez‘s project Dromez; and Austin-based circuit bender and non-traditional instrumentalist Thomas Fang.

NMASS will kick off with a special ceremony featuring a site-specific piece for cymbals by Austin artist Lisa Cameron called Canopy of Sound near Town Lake, starting at around 7:30 p.m. A total of 11 to 16 performers will be playing cymbals in three different locations, starting at a tunnel and leading toward the Opossum Voodoo Pew, up the trail to the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge, and a grand finale at the Liz Carpenter fountain.

You can see many more fantastic performances and art exhibits tomorrow through Saturday at NMASS’s main location, the Salvage Vanguard Theater, at 2803 Manor Rd. Visit the NMASS website for a detailed list of artists and schedules.

This one comes highly recommended. And special thanks to Church of the Friendly Ghost for their assistance with today’s AMM.

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