Revealing the Black Matter Manifesto

I’d first heard of The Hi-Tones a few years back, and was always struck by their psych-pop sound, sort of vintage groovy garage with hints of Bowie and early Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett. That’s what it reminded me of. And never a dull live performance.

I thought the band broke up, but fortunately, it’s more of a rebirth that took place. They are now known as Obscured By Echoes, featuring founding member and front man Johnny Flores. The band has expanded its sound toward a richer and darker psych rock style, as you’ll hear on last year’s full-length release, Black Matter Manifesto. It’s a kind of refinement of their classic signature pop immersed in haunted, reverbed, slightly warped and off-center melodies.

Do not miss Obscured By Echoes at their show Wednesday night at the Mohawk, 912 Red River, with the progressively “trans-genre” experimental quartet Halaska, and trippy prog Zappa-esque trio Whiteman Dancing on the bill. Doors open at 9 p.m.  Recommended.

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