Save Me From Me

It was during the height of the pandemic that CAELIN experienced this full-on writing storm, all the while focusing on sharpening her process and discovering where various music influences were taking her. It was a lot to rein in, and so she began a collaboration with musician, producer, visual artist and longtime AMM fave Mobley to explore how it all could possibly take shape. It felt like an intuitive selection because both artists channel their storytelling into deep-cutting narratives.

After working together the next year and a half, CAELIN’s new EP Save Me From Me emerged from the emotional depths, documenting CAELIN’s experiences in relationships both platonic and romantic, as well as her relationship with herself; and showing CAELIN’s versatility as a producer tackling a number of musical styles.

CAELIN celebrates Save Me From Me with a release show tonight, Saturday May 20, at Stubb’s indoor venue on Red River. Doors open at 10:30 p.m.

AMM May 20 2023

CAELIN EP release show tonight, Saturday May 20, at Stubb’s indoor venue.

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