You’re Welcome

LA-based band Wavves first unleashed their musical mark in 2008, unapologetic and instantly bored with anything too serious. But the 2017 album You’re Welcome marks a momentous first for Wavves’ founder and no-holds-barred front man Nathan Williams, who released the album independently on his own label, Ghost Ramp. No rules to be burdened by, no one to answer to – which is really how it should’ve been in the first place, and probably what led to the band’s contentious break from Warner Brothers.

Wavves has that punk spirit flying as high as ever, although You’re Welcome‘s direction is a bit more experimental, and there’s something more going on beneath the surface with Williams’ songwriting. Could it be some kind of evolution? Some growing up along the way? Perhaps, but it’s best to avoid using the word “mature” to describe it. Wavves is still bat-out-of-hell crazy fun, without any emphasis on the adulting thing, thank you.

Wavves is in the ATX for a show tonight at Empire Control Room on E. 7th, sharing the bill with NYC-based band Wooing and Austin’s shred-meisters Megafauna. Doors open at 8 p.m. Good times all around. Recommended.

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