My KUTX: Alex Johnson & Andrew Kenny

Alex Johnson and Andrew Kenny have a new film called Two Step. It’s a thriller set here in Austin, written and directed by Johnson. Kenny did the score (which you can stream here), and fans might know him from a couple of great Austin bands: the American Analog Set and the Wooden Birds. Two Step hits iTunes this week and comes to the Violet Crown on August 27, and you definitely want to see it because our own Laurie Gallardo plays a villain in the movie. Johnson and Kenny are the guest DJs this week with a set inspired by the characters in the film–think of this as an alternate soundtrack. Listen below their playlist.

–Art Levy

Alex Johnson and Andrew Kenny’s playlist:

1. Richard & Linda Thompson – “I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight”

2. Kitty Wells – “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels”

3. MC 900 Ft. Jesus with DJ Zero – “Real Black Angel”

4. The Compulsive Gamblers – “Sour & Vicious Man”

5. Barbara Manning with the San Francisco Seals – “Still?”

6. Jim O’Rourke – “All Downhill From Here”

7. Reigning Sound – “Straight Shooter”

8. Caitlin Rose – “Learning To Ride”

9. Nick Lowe – “All Men Are Liars”

10. The Wooden Birds – “Be No Lie”

11. The American Analog Set – “The Golden Band”

12. Andrew Kenny – “Long Time To Lose It (piano version)”

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