Phoebe Hunt at KUTX 3.4.14

It takes moxie, a strong set-list, and great ease with an audience to make your first solo album a live recording. Phoebe Hunt, former member of The Belleville Outfit, has all of this, plus violin, guitar, and singing virtuoso. Live at the Cactus Cafe is Phoebe’s latest album, and as you might have guessed is a live recording of Phoebe’s show at our very own, Cactus Cafe. The album, which also features Reed Turner (guitar), Dave Sierra (drums), Ellie Carol (vocals), Connor Forsyth (piano), and Pat Harris (bass) captures the feel of a great live show in a great listening space with a captive audience. Hunt claims the atmosphere was one of love, “…hometown love, people from my childhood, people from my entire life, people from the Austin Montessori school from growing up all the way up to my current best friends. [The album] captured my entire life span of being an Austin person. You’re looking around at this room full of glowing hearts, all wanting you to do the best you can… The audience was ready for us to have a great show…” The feeling emanates. There is country, folk, jazz, pop and even show tunes here. Her lyrics are conversational and honest; her voice is big and warm. Catch her next show at the Cactus Cafe featuring Jazz Mills Saturday March 8 and listen to her recent set with us RIGHT HERE!

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