The Mountain Goats @ KUT 12/5/12

Durham, NC based band The Mountain Goats has been a force in the folk rock genre for the more than 20 years that they’ve been active. The driving force behind the band has always been Josh Darnielle, with a constantly evolving roster of musicians playing alongside him. In the early days, The Mountain Goats were known for their rogue recording methods, mostly born out of necessity. If a song wasn’t recorded fast enough, in whatever means were available (often boomboxes, straight to cassette), it would be forgotten. These days, their methods are more traditional, but their approach to songwriting is just as relentless. On Wednesday, The Mountain Goats will play a show at Emo’s East. While they’re in town, the band will stop by Studio 1a to record a live session. You can here the result of that visit RIGHT HERE!
The Mountain Goats – ‘White Cedar’
[audio:|titles=Mountain Goats Tk. 1]
The Mountain Goats – ‘In Memory of Satan’
[audio:|titles=Mountain Goats Tk. 2]
The Mountain Goats – ‘ Lakeside View Apartment Suite’
[audio:|titles=Mountain Goats Tk. 3]
The Mountain Goats – ‘Lithops Effect’
[audio:|titles=Mountain Goats Tk. 4]

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