Genuine Leather: “Because Yeah”

Genuine Leather works really well in bite-sized chunks. The Austin band burned bright a few summers ago with the release of its second album, Losers, delivering concise, snappy pop-rock that you could file next to your Elvis Costello and Cheap Trick LPs.

The group’s next move blows up that formula. Genuine Leather has sixteen songs ready to go, and this time they’re referencing messily-creative, throw-it-all-at-the-wall types like Prince and Paul McCartney. But the meal is rationed (and somewhat rational, given current flighty attention spans): Genuine Leather plans to parcel out the songs week-by-week, releasing a new one every Friday on their website. Come October, when the temperature is juuusssttt a tick under face-melting, you’ll have a double LP’s worth of tunes called Brunch to listen to all at once. For now, this week’s appetizer is “Because Yeah,” which combines bedroom-recorded pop with glammy theatrics and harmonizing guitar solos. Because, why not?

“Because Yeah” appears on Brunch, out nowish.

–Art Levy

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