Meanswell: “Calling Off the Canines” (Live in Studio 1A)

After enjoying a several-year run as The Gents, this local rock quartet re-emerged, sonically rebranded and renamed accordingly with their self-titled single “Meanswell“. Soothing and cheerful vocal triple harmonies aside, Meanswell’s live performance delivers exactly as their name promises: positive energy through shared happiness! Meanswell is providing with well means for your free week – performing this Saturday set at the Mohawk at 9:30pm and followed by Chill Russell, Megafauna and A. Sinclair. Meanswell stopped by KUTX this past Tuesday in preparation of the event and you can get unleash your ears to the Studio 1A performance of “Calling Off The Canines” here on KUTX.

-Jack Anderson (Host Monday-Wednesday 8-11pm, Saturday 6-10am)

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