Music News 6.27.16

Keyboardist and Composer Bernie “Wizard of Woo” Worrell Dies at 72

“The Wizard of Woo” Bernie Worrell died last Friday at the age of 72 just months after announcing he was battling last-stage lung cancer. Worrell was a keyboardist and composer who helped shape the sound of Parliament Funkadelic as an early member of George Clinton’s funk collective. In the 80s, Worrell went on to help reform the sound and join the expanded lineup of Talking Heads before following-up his 1978 solo album with 9 more between 1990-2013. Back in April, a benefit concert was thrown to raise funds for Worrell’s medical bills with a star-studded lineup of performers, including P-Funk’s George Clinton and Bootsy Collins, David Byrne, the B-52s, Questlove, and, of course, Worrell himself.




New Startup will “Vinylize” your SoundCloud Playlist

SoundCloud enthusiasts get excited, there’s a new startup on the street ready to put your favorite playlists on vinyl. That’s right. promises its users that they will press custom vinyl records from SoundCloud playlists. The service hasn’t launched quite yet, but when it does, you’ll be able to select playlists or specific tracks from SoundCloud, and will notify the artists of your desire to press their tunes, who can in return approve or deny this request. If you want to be among he first to know when you can “vinylize” your favorite SoundCloud playlists, you can follow this link.




Lock of David Bowie’s Hair Auctions for over $26,000

A lock of David Bowie’s hair went up for auction over the weekend; one that was forecasted to sell for about $6,000 at an auction in L.A. To the surprise of many, the hair ended-up fetching $26,283. The lock of hair came from Wendy Farrier, an employee of Madame Tussands who used the lock to immortalize the late singer’s iconic 1980s hairstyle for his doppelganger wax figure. At the same auction, Prince’s iconic customized “Yellow Cloud” guitar sold for $192,747.



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