My KUTX: Houston Rap Writer Lance Scott Walker


My KUTX: Houston Rap Writer Lance Scott Walker

Posted by on Oct 19, 2018

Photo by Julia Reihs/KUTX

In the ’90s, rap in the popular imagination was dominated by East and West Coast voices. But in Houston, a particularly Gulf Coast sound brewed up, boiling over in the early 2000s when Paul Wall and Chamillionaire hit the national spotlight. Before the chart-toppers though, the Houston scene birthed its own distinctive sound and creative vision, thanks to the chopped-and-screwed psychedelia of DJ Screw, Geto Boys’ confrontational style, and countless other Texas-ized innovations.

Writer and Galveston native Lance Scott Walker spent years documenting Houston’s scene, and it’s now immortalized in a handful of books. The most recent–Houston Rap Tapes: An Oral History Of Bayou City Hip-Hop–features interviews, album art, maps, and photos, and Walker brings the book to the Texas Book Festival here in Austin on October 27. And this week on My KUTX, he also brings this knowledge for a Houston-centric takeover of My KUTX. Hear the episode on Saturday, October 20 at 6 p.m. or listen anytime at the bottom of the page.

–Art Levy // producer, My KUTX


1. Travis Scott – “Sicko Mode”

2. E.S.G. & Slim Thug – “Getchya Hands Up”

3. Klondike Kat – “Ghetto Baby”

4. K-Rino – “Ups & Downs” (feat. Bang)

5. Cl’Che’ – “Can’t Nobody” (feat. Hawk)

6. DJ DMD – “25 Lighters” (feat. Fat Pat & Lil Keke)

7. Oticia Redman – “Subliminal”

8. Paul Wall – “Sittin’ Sidewayz” (feat. Big Pokey)

9. Geto Boys – “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”

My KUTX: Carson McHone

Artist of the Month

My KUTX: Carson McHone

Posted by on Oct 12, 2018

Carson McHone is the KUTX Artist of the Month for October. Photo by Gabriel C. Pérez/KUTX.

Austin’s Carson McHone started out playing both the Hole In The Wall and the White Horse, a pairing that perfectly captures her old school roots as well as her younger appeal. Her new album, Carousel, is just her second, but McHone’s youthful outlook is refreshing. So is her guest DJ set, which reckons with the “ramblin’ man” myth in country music; the brilliance of hometown heroes like Lucinda Williams and Patty Griffin; and the danger of listening to Steve Earle while driving (warning: he might make you want to speed). Hear Carson McHone’s My KUTX on Saturday, October 13 at 6 p.m. or anytime at the bottom of the page, and be sure to see McHone at the Cactus Cafe on November 1.

–Art Levy // producer, My KUTX


[intro music: Carson McHone – “Good Time Daddy Blues”]

1. Townes Van Zandt – “Rake”

2. Roger Miller – “Leaving’s Not The Only Way To Go”

3. Steve Earle – “Fearless Heart”

4. Willis Alan Ramsey – “Painted Lady”

5. Uncle Walt’s Band – “Don’t You Think I Feel It Too”

6. Lucinda Williams – “I Lost It”

7. James McMurtry – “Childish Things”

8. Patty Griffin – “Driving”

9. Alex Cameron – “Candy May”

10. Tristen – “Glass Jar”

11. Molly Burch – “To The Boys”

12. Blake Mills – “Cheers”

My KUTX: Superfónicos

ACL Festival

My KUTX: Superfónicos

Posted by on Oct 5, 2018

Photo by Gabriel C. Pérez/KUTX. Erick Bohorquez (seated, center, front row), Jaime Ospina (seated, second row), and Nico Sanchez (seated, right, front row) are the guest DJs.

Superfónicos is an eight-piece Austin band formed around a love of Colombian and African music, mixed with funk and psychedelic rock. On Suelta–the group’s debut EP, produced by Brownout’s Adrian Quesada and Grupo Fantasma’s Beto Martinez–all these sounds collide with the force of a runaway train. And that’s exactly what the band’s My KUTX episode feels like. Bassist Nico Sanchez, guitarist Erick Bohorquez, and gaitero and singer Jaime Ospina put together a mix that’s dizzying and highly danceable. Hear Superfónicos’ My KUTX on Saturday, October 6 at 6 p.m. or listen anytime at the bottom of the page. You can see the band live at ACL Fest on Sunday, October 14th at 12:15 p.m. on the Tito’s stage.

–Art Levy // producer, My KUTX


1. Paito y Los Gaiteros de Punta Brava – “El Gusto de las Mujeres”

2. Carmelo Torres – “Tierra de Poetas”

3. Abelardo Carbonó – “Palenque”

4. Wganda Kenya – “Shakalaodé”

5. Bloque – “Daño en el Baño”

6. Carlos Vives – “Ella”

7. The Meters – “Cissy Strut”

8. Jimi Hendrix – “Bold As Love”

9. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – “The Bottle”

10. Lee Perry/Seke Molenga & Kalo Kawongolo – “Bad Food”

11. Son Palenque – “ La Zorrononona”

12. Petrona Martínez – “La Vida Vale La Pena”

My KUTX: Eleanor Friedberger


My KUTX: Eleanor Friedberger

Posted by on Sep 28, 2018

Photo by Julia Reihs/KUTX

The Fiery Furnaces come by their name honestly. The Chicago duo’s music is a raging inferno of sound, reveling in extremes that are both fascinating and mystifying: showtunes and psychedelic rock, folk and electronic, pop and the avant-garde. When the band announced a hiatus in 2011, it was hard to know what to expect from singer Eleanor Friedberger’s solo career given her past work. That same uncertainty has led her to follow her intuition towards new juxtapositions. Rebound, Friedberger’s fourth album, sparkles with synthesizers and an electronic sheen, sounding both futuristic and retro. She sings about love and dreams and adventure, but the messiness of the present keeps interrupting.

This week on My KUTX, Friedberger is our guest DJ, playing some influences, recent discoveries, and reliving her days as a University of Texas student seeing the Jesus Lizard and Lucinda Williams (not on the same bill, sadly). Hear My KUTX on Saturday, September 29 at 6 p.m. or listen anytime at the bottom of the page.

–Art Levy // producer, My KUTX


[intro music: Eleanor Friedberger – “Everything”]

1. Cate Le Bon – “Love Is Not Love”

2. The Top – “Kann Sein”

3. Stereolab – “Infinity Girl”

4. The Jesus Lizard – “Fly On The Wall”

5. Tortoise & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – “Daniel”

6. Anna Domino – “Review”

7. Maki Awakawa – “Konna Fu Ni Sugite Iku No Nara”

8. Nils Lofgren – “The Sun Hasn’t Set On This Boy Yet”

9. Sparks – “Sherlock Holmes”

10. Alan Vega – “Video Babe”

11. Lucinda Williams – “Drunken Angel”

12. Yoko Ono – “Run, Run, Run”

My KUTX: Altercation Comedy Fest’s JT Habersaat


My KUTX: Altercation Comedy Fest’s JT Habersaat

Posted by on Sep 21, 2018

Altercation Comedy Fest combines two things that Austin’s JT Habersaat loves: comedy and a DIY ethos. Now in its third year, the Fest is as intimate as a punk rock show, highlighting national acts and local up-and-comers side-by-side at Kick Butt Coffee. This year’s fest takes places September 26-29, featuring Brian Posehn, Eddie Pepitone, Austin’s Avery Moore, and a whole bunch more.

This week on My KUTX, Habersaat is back as our guest DJ, playing an hour of his favorite music and some bits from this year’s Altercation lineup. Hear My KUTX on Saturday, September 22 at 6 p.m. or anytime at the bottom of the page.

–Art Levy // producer, My KUTX


1. Mind Spiders – “Never Like That”

2. Ugly Casanova – “Here’s To Now”

3. Mishka Shubaly – “Death In Greenpoint”

4. Skilled Mechanics – “Diving Away”

5. Ray Harrington – comedy bit

6. Subsonics – “You Got Eyes”

7. Lucero – “Long Way Back Home”

8. Eddie Pepitone – comedy bit

9. Spells – “Staying In Is The New Going Out”

10. Mr. Airplane Man – “C’Mon DJ”

11. Avery Moore – comedy bit

12. Julian Casablancas – “4 Chords of the Apocalypse”

13. Kyle Trocolla & The Strangers – “Alive In Tucson”

14. Brian Posehn – comedy bit

15. Dwarves – “Take Back The Night”

16. The Jesus & Mary Chain – “Always Sad”

17. Mike Stanley – comedy clip