My KUTX: Andrew Kenny of the American Analog Set

Ivy Fowler/KUTX

The American Analog Set

My KUTX // December 2, 2023

The first thing I notice when I play the American Analog Set’s new For Forever is just how heavy it sounds. The longtime Austin institution, which released its debut back in 1996, has traded hushed minimalism for noisy minimalism. Singer/guitarist Andrew Kenny thrashes a Gibson SG, a guitar more associated with AC/DC than AmAnSet’s intimacy. The songs sound feral, desperately needing to exist. They’re often sexual in topic and in their sonic energy. It’s been nearly two decades since the group’s last release, and For Forever feels weighted with time and shadows. But it’s gracious in that AmAnSet way: if it’s dark, the band is here as an open-hearted companion.

The band has always stuck out a bit in the Austin scene. Most razzle dazzle; AmAnSet contentedly burn at a low temperature. They share some musical DNA with Low and Yo La Tengo, but AmAnSet’s songs feel more insular, pulling from cinematic influences while also indulging in pure pop pleasure. The story behind For Forever‘s creation is so at odds with how creative work is usually seen or celebrated. After ending the band following the release of 2005’s Set Free, the group casually got back together a decade or so later. No grand plans or pressure; instead, the members simply played at Kenny’s home studio on Monday nights. These weekly jams patiently evolved into songs. For Forever collects about four years’ worth of this slow motion process, and you can hear this spaciousness. It’s a weekly social hang as art.

This week on My KUTX, Kenny is our guest DJ, picking the music that inspired or soundtracked the making of For Forever. From playing in Broken Social Scene to falling in love with Alvvays and James Blake, Kenny has had an eventful time since last teaming up with the American Analog Set. Hear My KUTX on Saturday, December 2 at 6 p.m. or listen anytime here.


[intro music: The American Analog Set – “Camp Don’t Count”]

  1. The War On Drugs – “Pain”
  2. Junip – “Rope & Summit”
  3. True Widow – “NH”
  4. Broken Social Scene – “Sweetest Kill”
  5. Land Of Talk – “Some Are Lakes”
  6. Alvvays – “Not My Baby”
  7. James Blake – “I Never Learnt To Share”
  8. Hospitality – “Going Out”
  9. Phoenix – “Love Like A Sunset, Pt. 2”
  10. Night Moves – “Only To Live In Your Memories”

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