My KUTX: Elizabeth McQueen

Austin singer-songwriter Elizabeth McQueen doesn’t have to do much to prove her credentials around town anymore. Most people know her already as part of the legendary Texas swing band Asleep at the Wheel, which in itself lends a ton of credit to her name. But not comfortable with borrowed credit, McQueen continues to prove herself as both a solo artist and a collaborator. In 2010, she released her third solo album, The Laziest Girl in Town. Recently, McQueen matched up her roots, Americana, folk sensibilities with the experimental, R&B, electronica sensibilities of Brothers Lazaroff to create a 6-song remix EP of The Laziest Girl in Town. 

We’re so excited Elizabeth brought her eclectic music taste to her My KUTX session! Check it out RIGHT HERE!

Elizabeth’s List:

  1. “Jemima Surrender” –  The Band

  2. “The Imposter” – Elvis Costello

  3. “Little Ramona’s Gone Hillbilly Nuts” – BR5-49

  4. “When I Write the Book” – Rockpile

  5. “I Cross Her Mind” – Banana Blender Surprise

  6. “Nothing Takes The Place Of You” – Asleep at the Wheel

  7. “Sunday in Savannah” – Nina Simone

  8. “Is You Is, or Is you Ain’t my Baby (Rae and Christian Remix)”  – Dinah Washington

  9. “Where You Going Now” – Brothers Lazaroff

  10. “Mind of Men (Remix)”  – Elizabeth McQueen Meet Brothers Lazaroff

  11. “St. Lswhere” – Thelonius Kryptonite

  12. Jitterbug Vipers – “Stuff It”
  13. “Cold War” – Janelle Monae

  14. “Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell” – Flaming Lips

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