My KUTX: Grace Park

Grace Park is the lead singer of our Artist of the Month, The Deer.After her former band The Blue Hit disbanded, singer/songwriter Grace Park got together with three fellow students at Texas State’s School of Music (joined later by another from North Texas University) to record an album of her songs titled An Argument for Observation, released in 2011. After losing their close friend and back up singer Stephanie Bledsoe, The Deer went back in the studio with a new bond and energy and emerged with their sophomore album, On The Essence of the Indomitable Spirit. Check out this video of their recent performance in KUTX’s Studio 1A.

We’re so excited that Grace Park took some time to play KUTX guest dj for an hour. Tune in this Saturday, December 20th at 6pm to hear her picks and check out her playlist below! 

Grace’s List:

  1. Joni Mitchell – Court and Spark
  2. Sarah Vaughan – East of the Sun
  3. Hair (The Movie) – Walking In Space
  4. Anais Mitchell – Epic, Part I
  5. Raina Rose – Drum Machine
  6. Good Field – Tell Me Ida
  7. Hiatus Kaiyote – Mobius Streak
  8. Animal Collective – Leaf House
  9. Caribou – Melody Day
  10. Jack Wilson – Red Feather
  11. Devon Sproule – If I Can Do This
  12. John Elliott – The American West
  13. Wendell Austin – LSD


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