My KUTX: Pelvis Wrestley

Patricia Lim/KUTX

Pelvis Wrestley is the KUTX Artist of the Month for June 2023, powered by PNC Bank.

Pelvis Wrestley

My KUTX // June 24, 2023

This week on My KUTX, we’re featuring a guest DJ set from our Artist of the Month, Pelvis Wrestley. The punning band got its start in 2018 via Austin native Benjamin Violet. On the group’s debut album Vortexas Vorever, Violet digs into country influences but from a queer, glam-pop sensibility.

Violet’s guest DJ set is more of this particular mashup. They sing the praises of Patsy Cline and the proper way to drink beer while wearing lipstick, shoutout queer icons like Perfume Genius and David Bowie, and ask the immortal question: how much Björk is enough Björk? Find that out and more on, Saturday, June 24 at 6 p.m. or listen anytime right here.


  1. Patsy Cline – “I Fall To Pieces”
  2. Hole – “Miss World”
  3. Björk – “Bachelorette”
  4. Perfume Genius – “Queen”
  5. Robyn – “Honey”
  6. Mitski – “Washing Machine Heart”
  7. David Bowie – “Fantastic Voyage”
  8. Laurie Anderson – “Language Is A Virus”
  9. Nina Hagen – “Dread Love”
  10. Kate Bush – “Love And Anger”
  11. Baths – “Human Bog”
  12. Björk – “Declare Independence”

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